The attic room is now complete. It took a while to do but  as it was out of the way and not a room that we used regularly the disruption was minimal.

We started by ripping out a small wall and cupboard. We then took up the carpet to see the condition of the floorboard beneath, sadly they weren’t great. Then, we took all of the plaster off the walls.




Plasterboard was put on all of the walls and ceiling and we got a plasterer in to plaster over the top. Once that had dried we painted it with a white flat matt emulsion.


The flooring was bought online and we were able to lay it ourselves.




The inspiration for the room comes from a trend called Balance, which is based on the balance between nature and a new minimalism. This space isn’t a true reflection of the trend, but is where the inspiration for the space came from.
Chairs, bedside cabinets and drawers were upcycled. (The drawers were an Ikea hack) The king size bed was only £180 and the bedding from Primark. (Confession: I can’t get enough of Primark bedding!)



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