I like to be thrifty when redesigning a space. I see it as a challenge to transform something with minimal cost involved.

It helps that my boyfriend is a builder and can do a lot of things himself and always knows somebody for everything else.

But when it comes to interiors I would rather upcycle and breathe new life into something than buy new. I find the process rewarding and enjoyable. Saying that, sometimes I find something old and a bit battered and I love it as it is.

With the age and style of my house, upcycled and preloved furnishings are much more suitable.

Most of my spare time is spent traipsing around carboot sales, charity shops, house clearance shops or on Gumtree and eBay. I have also used the Schpock app a few times and been able to find things locally.

I also find myself looking in cheaper shops such as The Range and picking up things that I can upcycle or change the colour of. I prefer to buy older bits when I can, they are generally more durable as well as timeless.

I like to mix my older finds and upcycled pieces with my newer or more modern brick-a-brack in spaces to make them feel interesting, exciting and homely.


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