The master bedroom spreads across the whole width of the house making it a very large, open room. Work required was new windows, ceiling and walls plastering, flooring and furnishing.

We were very keen to retain the picture rails, wide skirting boards and fireplace to keep the character of the room.
The first hurdle was peeling off the woodchip paper that seems to have been painted over 1972980403 times since it had been hung.
Then it was time to get the plasterers in. This time we didn’t need to plaster border, just skim over the previous plaster.

We painted the whole room white as a base after the plaster had dried. We were told it is best to do this with either cheap paint or watered down quality paint. (Something about the walls breathing maybe?)

We then had new windows installed and refreshed the painting on the wood around them and then painted the walls.

So the colour I wanted for the walls was a really light grey. All the greys I could find looked light in the pot but really dark when applied. In the end, I found the lightest grey available and then added white to it.Then it was time to get styling…


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