I had this console table bought for me, I believe it was around £50.

I absolutely love the shape of it.

It was one of those pieces that could have been beautiful without any painting or uplcycling. I love when furniture shows its age. Unfortunately though, the wood on top was bubbling a flaking. I tried to get rid of the flakes and bubbles using arious different methods but there was no avoiding it; it needed new life.

I say “new life”…thanks to dark wax it still looks old!

I sanded down the top to get the flaking and bubbling off, then I coated the whole thing in Annie Sloan’s Emperor Silk Red Chalk Paint. I didn’t paint in one direction, I used a big brush and slapped it on in all directions to get a bit of texture for the dark wax to get into. I didn’t rub the wax off instantly so it would make as big an impact as possible.

It still looks old and interesting, it makes a statement and it’s practical, now it just needs a home as it’s stuck in an unfinished room .


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