So the kitchen has been designed. We will be taking a wall out as there is a room at the back of the kitchen that doesn’t really do much (too big to be a utility soa waste of space), bricking a door up and making a window into patio doors.

The hopes are to have a larger kitchen that looks out onto the garden with seating at the end by the new patio doors.

We will not be having any wall units to make the space feel larger. We have a larder and enough low level units so it isn’t necessary.

We will be having black and white checkerboard flooring and I am already on the hunt for a pine table to upcycle!

The kitchen currently looks dated with thick pink wall tiles, single glazed windows and broken cupboards.

Kitchen Kitchn 2


The new plans will make the kitchen larger, brighter and most importantly, more sociable.


Kitchen NEW4 Kitchen NEW5 Kitchen NEW7 Kitchen NEW11

We are going to start ripping the walls out soon in preparation, I will keep you posted!


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