So to recap the living room started like this…

Everything was stripped out and replaced other than the fireplace and ceiling, which were just freshened up.

And then I got styling…

The grandmother clock was a gift from my parents for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

The A letter and yellow vase were £5 each from Homesense. The wifi password was a template I found online and the mirror was from The Range.

The yellow coffee table was an absolute steal! I found it in a charity shop for £5 and painted it Annie Sloan English Yellow and distressed it.

I would not recommend the letter cushions I have from Matalan. All 3 pilled very quickly  and I will be replacing them ASAP.

The candle in the black pot on the coffee table is Abercrombie and Fitch – Fierce I bought on a trip to the USA. Fierce is my all time favourite fragrance so there was no way I was coming home without this candle.

The  terrarium was from Homesense and I already had the plants to go inside, I really enjoyed putting it together, I have a couple more to try and once I become a pro I will hopefully do a post about them. The chevron rug was £40 from Next and there were similar ones in Ikea.

The best buy in the living room would have to be the sofas. I took a risk and bought them from eBay without knowing whether or not they would be of good quality or even be comfortable. At £700 for both I decided I had to give them a go, cross my fingers and hope for the best. They turned out to be of even better quality and comfort than I could of expected and I absolutely love them!

The living room will be constantly updated as I can’t stop buying new pieces and shuffling everything around!



The room had horrible worn carpet, damp wood chip walls in an uninspiring magnolia colour. (FYI: the furniture in the pictures are the previous owners)

Just like the master bedroom, the living room needed all walls and ceiling plastering, new floor, new windows and a new lease of life.

So we started by stripping the wallpaper, pulling up the carpet and leveling up the floor.

Then, it was time to get the plasterer back in (I was at V Festival for this so no photos!) and then base paint the walls white.

We chose to have wood effect laminate flooring in this room to emulate the original floorboards but retain insulation.

So we then painted the wall Vintage White, then laid the flooring.

The timing wasn’t great but the chesterfields turned up before the room was complete and had to stay wrapped up.

Once the huge skirting boards were on I started making it home.

A post on styling will follow…


I finally managed to find the perfect sized, perfect style kitchen table! And at a cost of £25(!!!!!!) I was over the moon. God bless eBay!

All I needed to do now was sand the top down and get my chalk paint and wax out.

I used Annie Sloan Country Grey again to paint it because I loved the colour of it, how easy it was to use (I find some colours easier than others) and I knew it was going to fit straight in with the rest of the kitchen!

The kitchen is now mostly finished so a post with pictures will be along shortly! For now though…


So the kitchen has been designed. We will be taking a wall out as there is a room at the back of the kitchen that doesn’t really do much (too big to be a utility soa waste of space), bricking a door up and making a window into patio doors.

The hopes are to have a larger kitchen that looks out onto the garden with seating at the end by the new patio doors.

We will not be having any wall units to make the space feel larger. We have a larder and enough low level units so it isn’t necessary.

We will be having black and white checkerboard flooring and I am already on the hunt for a pine table to upcycle!

The kitchen currently looks dated with thick pink wall tiles, single glazed windows and broken cupboards.

Kitchen Kitchn 2


The new plans will make the kitchen larger, brighter and most importantly, more sociable.


Kitchen NEW4 Kitchen NEW5 Kitchen NEW7 Kitchen NEW11

We are going to start ripping the walls out soon in preparation, I will keep you posted!



I had this console table bought for me, I believe it was around £50.

I absolutely love the shape of it.

It was one of those pieces that could have been beautiful without any painting or uplcycling. I love when furniture shows its age. Unfortunately though, the wood on top was bubbling a flaking. I tried to get rid of the flakes and bubbles using arious different methods but there was no avoiding it; it needed new life.

I say “new life”…thanks to dark wax it still looks old!

I sanded down the top to get the flaking and bubbling off, then I coated the whole thing in Annie Sloan’s Emperor Silk Red Chalk Paint. I didn’t paint in one direction, I used a big brush and slapped it on in all directions to get a bit of texture for the dark wax to get into. I didn’t rub the wax off instantly so it would make as big an impact as possible.

It still looks old and interesting, it makes a statement and it’s practical, now it just needs a home as it’s stuck in an unfinished room .


The master bedroom spreads across the whole width of the house making it a very large, open room. Work required was new windows, ceiling and walls plastering, flooring and furnishing.

We were very keen to retain the picture rails, wide skirting boards and fireplace to keep the character of the room.
The first hurdle was peeling off the woodchip paper that seems to have been painted over 1972980403 times since it had been hung.
Then it was time to get the plasterers in. This time we didn’t need to plaster border, just skim over the previous plaster.

We painted the whole room white as a base after the plaster had dried. We were told it is best to do this with either cheap paint or watered down quality paint. (Something about the walls breathing maybe?)

We then had new windows installed and refreshed the painting on the wood around them and then painted the walls.

So the colour I wanted for the walls was a really light grey. All the greys I could find looked light in the pot but really dark when applied. In the end, I found the lightest grey available and then added white to it.Then it was time to get styling…


I like to be thrifty when redesigning a space. I see it as a challenge to transform something with minimal cost involved.

It helps that my boyfriend is a builder and can do a lot of things himself and always knows somebody for everything else.

But when it comes to interiors I would rather upcycle and breathe new life into something than buy new. I find the process rewarding and enjoyable. Saying that, sometimes I find something old and a bit battered and I love it as it is.

With the age and style of my house, upcycled and preloved furnishings are much more suitable.

Most of my spare time is spent traipsing around carboot sales, charity shops, house clearance shops or on Gumtree and eBay. I have also used the Schpock app a few times and been able to find things locally.

I also find myself looking in cheaper shops such as The Range and picking up things that I can upcycle or change the colour of. I prefer to buy older bits when I can, they are generally more durable as well as timeless.

I like to mix my older finds and upcycled pieces with my newer or more modern brick-a-brack in spaces to make them feel interesting, exciting and homely.